the Future Relies on the

Wellness of Mothers

Reclaim mothering as wild initiation, with Mother Nature as your guide.

Grow into the guide you envision for yourself, your family, and the planet.

Do you feel lost or unseen on your mothering journey? Wondering who you are or feeling like parts of yourself have been left behind or are lying dormant?

Reintegrate “you” into your mothering by breaking down limiting beliefs and falling deeply in love with your full authentic natural self. Root confidently into who you are and your powerful role with a path and evidence-based ecopsychology practices to guide you and your family on your mothering journey. 

Do you feel overwhelmed, severed from sources of replenishment and craving meaningful connection to self, nature and spirit? Do you seek an approach to mothering that parallels the depth, power, and beauty of Mother Nature?

Remember respectful relationship with Mother Nature, discovering and trusting truths that will guide you and your family for the rest of your lives. Revitalize yourself with wild nourishment and illuminate your internal landscape so your nature can match the harmony of Mother Nature.

Do you feel lonely and isolated, distanced from the beings and things you treasured before becoming a mother? Do you sometimes feel inadequate or like you’re “failing” and long for a council of mothers for community support and guidance?

Restore deep connection and belonging in your life as you anchor into the wisdom of the Earth, your ancestral motherline. Build community with rewild mothers who gather in deep and intentional ways, weaving webs of support to celebrate the triumphs and soothe the difficulties of mothering. 

Has mothering awakened in you a deep concern — stirring terror, rage, and hopelessness — about the state of the world? Do you yearn to address the limitations of overcivilization and the resulting harm to our families and our planet?

Reclaim your motherline, your place as embodied ancestor, with sacred responsibility to care for the knowledge and resources that protect and sustain Life on our planet. Learn to approach mothering as a revolutionary act, that allows us to reshape the story of our time from one of separation and domination to one of interconnectivity and justice. 


The Rewild Mothering podcast brings together a community of Earth-honoring mothers to tell the stories that mend and tend the web of mothering support. 

Meet Dr. Allie Davis

Studied multicultural feminist theory under Dr. AnaLouise Keating at Texas Woman’s University. Taught Women’s Studies at the university level before going into private practice as a therapist. Research interests include: qualitative research, ecopsychology, community counseling, and maternal health.

Masters-level licensed professional clinical mental health counselor (LPCC) in the state of New Mexico. Specialized in psychospiritual approaches to anxiety management and reduction, trauma treatment and resolution, and supporting maternal mental health with nature and expressive arts therapy.

Working at the intersection of feminist and ecopsychology, especially through the opening of nature-centered expressive therapy, Allie is unique in her ecofeminist therapeutic approach. She is a counselor educator teaching at the Master’s level and mentors other professionals on how to incorporate this orientation into their work.

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