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Reclaim mothering as wild initiation, with Mother Nature as guide.

Becoming a mother was a huge awakening for me. Like the kind where you wake up in a strange new world with no idea where you fit.

It took all my resources to root into who I was and who I was becoming as I remembered myself as a part of nature (rather than apart from it), reclaimed mothering as a revolutionary act, and rewilded my ways of caring for my human family and our living planet.

I now help other Nature-centered mothers channel the transformative power of matrescence, the developmental period of motherhood, to shift from feeling lost, isolated, and overwhelmed, to rooted, connected and revitalized.

You deserve to be held through the wild initiations of mothering. My individual coaching, groups, and podcast offer paths and practices that can guide your growth into the mother you envision for yourself, your family, and our planet. 

Book a free call if you need support or just want to have a cup and chat with another mother face-to-face. We’re in a pandemic after all!

About Dr. Allison Davis

Doctorate in Multicultural Women’s and Gender Studies under Dr. AnaLouise Keating at Texas Woman’s University. Taught Women’s Studies at the university level before going into private practice as a mental health counselor. Research interests include: qualitative research, ecofeminist therapy, and maternal psychology.

Masters-level licensed professional clinical mental health counselor (LPCC) in the state of New Mexico. Specialized in mindbody(spirit) approaches to anxiety management and reduction, trauma treatment and resolution (including intergenerational), and supporting perinatal mental health and women and non-binary clients through mothering transitions. Specializing in eco-therapy, or being a bridge to help you reconnect with the most amazing therapist in the world – Mother Nature.

Specialized in perinatal mental health and supporting mothers in “matrescence”, normalizing the transitions of motherhood through an empowering, strength-based approach. Under ongoing consultation with Dr. Aurelie Athan, clinical psychologist and educator at Teacher’s College Columbia, who revived the term “matrescensce” in 2008 to explore a nature-centered approach to supporting mothers throughout matrescence.

Guest Speaking

I’m a former child play therapist who retrained to focus on maternal mental health. I LOVE talking to adults about the practice of mothering children on our inner child!

I’m available for conversations on podcasts, Clubhouse, and IG Lives about topics related to Rewild Mothering. Find my speaker sheet, with favorite topics, here

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Free Meditation

Restore deep connection and belonging in your life as you root into the wisdom of Mother Nature with this mindful outdoor experience.


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