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Matrescence as wild initiation, Mother Nature as guide.

Are you ready to gather to mend and tend the web of mothering support?



Do you feel overwhelmed, severed from sources of replenishment and craving meaningful connection to self, nature and spirit? Do you seek an approach to mothering that parallels the depth, power, and beauty of Nature?

Remember respectful relationship with Nature, discover and trust truths that will guide you and your family for the rest of your lives. Regenerate with wild nourishment and illuminate your internal landscape so your nature can match the harmony of Nature.



Do you feel lost or unseen on your mothering journey? Wondering who you are or feeling like parts of yourself have been left behind or are lying dormant? Do you feel lonely and isolated, distanced from the beings and things you treasured before becoming a mother?

Reintegrate “you” into your mothering by breaking down limiting beliefs and falling deeply in love with your authentic natural self. Reclaim belonging in your life as you anchor into the wisdom of Nature and your ancestral motherline and mend and tend the webs of motheirng support.



Has mothering awakened in you a deep concern — stirring terror, rage, and hopelessness — about the state of the world? Do you yearn to address the limitations of overcivilization and the resulting harm to our families and our planet?

Rewild your motherline, your place as embodied ancestor, with sacred responsibility to care for the knowledge and resources that protect and sustain life. Approach mothering as a revolutionary act, reshaping the story of our time from one of separation and domination to one of interconnectivity and justice. 

Begin your journey

Where you’re feeling lost, remember your deepest inner wisdom. 

Where you feel you’re failing, access your unique vital energy.

Where you’re falling apart, recreate yourself with more authenticity. 


Answers to commonly asked questions.

This is a virtual peer-to-peer group coaching program, so mothers from outside New Mexico are welcome. Groups are held Monday evenings and Friday mornings Mountain time, with the exact time decided after a group is formed.

Groups are limited to 5 mothers. More may attend opening and closing councils where we contain the work of the group, but support group  meetings are limited to allow time for process.

Within the 12 week group, there are 6 thirty minute program modules that introduce you to a weekly theme and provide instructions for an eco-art activity you can do on your own time (and with your children, who often love these activities). 

Within the 12 weeks of the group, we meet virtually 8 times, including: six 90 minute mother circles where we’ll share interactions and experiences with the weekly theme and two 60 minute council sessions to celebrate and contain the work done within circles. 


Find more detailed information on the group structure and what is included this printable flyer here.  

Groups begin Spring, Summer, and Fall. The next group begins April 2021 and is currently forming (online only). 

Groups are by donation, either one time or monthly throughout the 3 month group. Suggested donations are between 20 and 50 a group meeting, whether in person or virtual. 10% of donations are given to Many Mothers, a Santa Fe non-profit providing free postpartum care for mothers. 

Book a call to get more details and enroll in the next group, either Spring, Summer, or Fall.. Dr. Allie Davis offers a free, no commitment, discovery call for all inquiries. Before beginning group, you will have a 60 minute assessment to help prepare for your group experience. 

Feel free to share this e-flyer with friends and clients who may be interested in this support group. It has live links that work when shared by email. You can also print the flyer to place on your practice billboard or to hand out. 

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Free Meditation

Restore deep connection and belonging in your life as you root into the wisdom of Mother Nature with this mindful outdoor experience.


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