My Path to Ancestor: Exploring the Motherline with Liz Hummer (Part 2)


 Liz Hummer,  a holistic therapist and intuitive guide, shares her personal exploration of her motherline after the birth of her son. 

We continue our discussion of the motherline and how a return to our origins with this concept can help us heal and let go of what doesn’t serve us and our families as well as access untapped potential for growth and transformation. This is part two of our discussion and you can listen to the first part here

Our conversation covers:

  • how the motherline concept helped her in her mothering of herself and others
  • why the motherline is relevant to all people (hint: we’re all born of mothers)
  • how the motherline can be a portal for spiritual awakening and growth
  • how she works with the motherline concept in her private practice
  • the free e-book she developed for you to explore your motherground, or map the landscape of your motherline through journaling

Liz Hummer is a holistic therapist and intuitive guide for the parenthood journey who weaves the mystical back into mental health. With her therapy practice, Wild Awaken, she grounds inclusive spiritual practices and ancient wisdom in the latest science of neurobiology, epigenetics and inherited trauma to help parents heal generational wounds and claim their unique soul-aligned lives for themselves, their families and our world. As a mama herself to a 3-year-old spirited old soul, Liz believes awakening to what we carry, what we can let go, what we can reclaim, and what we want to pass down can free us to live with intention, expand our souls, and nurture a healthier reality for our next generation. She lives in a small mountain town in the Pacific Northwest, ancestral lands of the Klickitat people, with her partner, son, wise old dog and three wacky alpacas.

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Liz  00:00

One of the most important things I’ve realized who the mother line is, we are not alone. We’re not we’re part of a collective of mothers now and a collective of mothers from the past. And we’re shaping what mothers in the future will experience as well.

Allie  01:03

So in what ways has working with the mother line helped you personally, or those beings and things that you mother and nurture, oh,

Liz  01:12

I really feel like it’s been transformative. And it’s only three years into my mothering journey. So I’m definitely excited for all there is to unfold. But for me personally, it’s almost like it’s given me permission and trust in my own instincts. Because I’ve followed this interest in this call. And I have found sources of strength and inspiration and interest, that really feel true to me. And so I’ve taken that and really told myself, yeah, you can, you can do this your way, you know, like you can, you can follow your intuition. And so there’s a sense of freedom and mothering and a lightening of that burden that I initially felt. I think, you know, more confidence means I experience less doubt, less anxiety, less self criticism, and ultimately, that makes me a happier mom. And so my son is experiencing that happiness. And that sense of the world as a safe and joyful place full of support and resources for him. I love the big picture. You know, I’m a Sagittarius. So I’m, like philosophical and like just exploring knowledge and have lots of Gemini. And so I love this connecting to a larger purpose and seeing that big picture and feeling a sense that I’m a part of something and that I have a, I have a role here that matters, that that mattered before me, you know, in my line, and that will matter long after my particular lifetime. So it’s very motivating and sustaining. And it supports my clarity. I think a lot about what ancestor do, what kind of ancestor do I want to be? And what do I want my children and grandchildren to be experiencing in their life in the future? And what can I do now to influence that, and what I leave behind? Yeah, so a big a big part of that is healing that martyr, mother model. And really pursuing all the things that make me feel whole, as a mother and outside of being a mother, my creativity, and my pleasures, and my delights and my adventures. And not letting myself get depleted and miserable, I, I’ve become quite a strong advocate for my own needs. And, and trying to find that balance with my partner and my son to to have a healthy family rhythm that supports us all. And I think, you know, at first I had a son and I really, I think I really wanted a daughter and was expecting that I think, because of this attachment to my mother line, and that continuing of the feminine wisdom. And I realized now though, that helping my son stay connected to his feminine wisdom and nurturing that side of him, is so important to to healing the masculine in this world and that he will have a very important role to play in what he believes about women and mothers and the relationships he has going forward. And you know, if he has children, so almost initially felt that my mother line would be broken by having a son I see that it’s, you know, it’s more important than ever in this world that my son is equally as aware of have his mother line as a female identified child would be? Yeah,

Allie  05:06

I did, too. I mean, I think I was gonna ask you about that if you think working with the mother line is appropriate for everyone or just people who are physically mothers,

Liz  05:17

I think it’s appropriate for everyone. I think that we even if we don’t birth children from our womb, or raise children in this life, we are all mothering something. And in many ways, I think a lot of people are being called to mother, a new way of life and a new era on this earth. And so we are all future ancestors to the collective, and the ways that humanity can evolve into a more equitable, compassionate

Allie  05:51

reality. And I think also the mother line, as you’re talking about it is the answer to this mcdonaldization of culture, this like consumption model, and instead, it’s really going within so that we can operate with more meaning and magic. That’s something wonderful to offer your son as he’s growing up. Absolutely. I agree. So where do you think you’re going to take this work as you continue developing as a mother?

Liz  06:18

Well, as a mother, I am very called to deepen that ancestral connection for myself, and our family, you know, I support the same on my partner side, and him really getting to know his ancestors and bringing that story into our family. But for me, personally, that means understanding a little more deeply as much as we can about specific practices. For instance, I’ve switched from using sage, to mugwort, which I was a more prolific indigenous plant, from my understanding. In Ireland, I’m interested in learning more about the Celtic medicine wheel. And so all of that just feels so authentic and full of a lot of potential



Liz  07:06

guiding how our life may evolve and our values. In my work as a therapist, you know, it’s my work as a therapist is, is really born out of a lot of these personal experiences, combined with my professional training. And so personally, it feels more deeply infused with a larger purpose in the sense of reconnecting to my lineage of healing women and helping other women who feel sensitive, tap into the strength of that. And again, it just continues to offer guidance and clarity in terms of every decision I’m faced with does this align with the values and the ancestor that I want to be remembered as? Yeah, that’s the

Allie  07:59

beautiful component of reweld mothering, that is spiritual activism that really going within and then taking it back out and serving your community. Me, I hadn’t really thought about the Motherland, as, you know, a path specifically for that.

Liz  08:14

I love it as I think it offers a framework I think it can be so I agree with you that for me, you know, I really feel that that the change has begins within for our larger collective. And I love the the framework and the platform that you’re offering for that. And yeah, the mother line. It’s like an entry point, you know, it can feel daunting to say, well go within and like, enlighten yourself, where do I start? You know, and there’s something very concrete about starting with, well, this is within my DNA. And this is, oh, yeah, I always grew up being told this about our family, and, and you can just start to kind of dig and go deeper and deeper from there.

Allie  09:05

So you said a lot about this already. But is there any other reasons you think the mother line exploration is such a important path for mothers?

Liz  09:13

Well, I think one thing to just keep in mind is that our mother line is shaping us unconsciously, whether we notice it or not. So it isn’t really something that you can just say, oh, that doesn’t apply to me. I don’t have time for it. You know, it’s there. And so the opportunity is in becoming more aware of it and making it conscious, and in that way, it really shifts us from kind of a fatalistic or limited, oh, well, this is just, you know, this is what I inherited in my body or this is just how I am, which is a very disempowering state to be in and I think, the root of many mental health challenges feeling depressed and anxious. is feeling like you have no agency over your life and where it goes and what you can do. And so by becoming aware of where we come from, and looking consciously at what is working for you what feels true for you and what isn’t, and giving yourself permission to it’s not throwing it away, but it’s, it’s, I’m here to evolve it, like, Where can I heal that and transform it? I think it’s just such a powerful way of, of healing, really, and finding joy in being a mother, which, collectively is a evolution of the expectations and storyline of what a mother is.

Allie  10:56

Yeah, mothers have been objectified, like you’re talking about with the the martyr mother, and our intensive way of being told we’re supposed to do things, especially now with COVID. Mm hmm.

Liz  11:09

We have had, we’ve been held to impossible expectations, I think both women and mothers. And there is I think looking at your mother line, is a way of taking your power back and saying, you know, no more. There’s, there’s narratives here that are outdated that don’t support me and I, I do have the ability to choose a different belief and way of life that feels healthier.

Allie  11:40

Yeah. So such exciting work. Can you talk a little bit about how you incorporate this in your psychotherapy practice, and then also share how people can find you and work with you when this resonates with them?

Liz  11:54

Oh, yeah. Well, thanks so much for asking it. It really is an honor to be of service to women, right now. And as a therapist, I love nothing more than supporting fellow mothers to remember their full potential and define what their unique life can look like as a mother, especially in our culture today, I feel like for too long, it’s presented women and mothers with both limited options and impossible expectations. So with my practice, wild awaken, I offer therapy for women here in Washington and Oregon. Many stages of mothering from pregnancy through postpartum and just all the ongoing parenting years, and also after loss and grief. And we really focus on that core identity transformation, the spiritual nature essence of who you’re becoming as a woman and a mother. I, I’ve been calling it generational story healing, because we delve into this mother line exploration like we’ve just talked about. And I also see it as this really generative process where we explore you know, what do you want to create in your life and your family’s life, based on your personal values and dreams and what’s, what more is possible as you awaken to your intuition. And I also offer birth story medicine sessions, which are singular sessions to focus on birth, trauma work, and unresolved emotions, and also just a beautiful ritual of honoring that rite of passage of your birth. And, and you can work with me in those ways. And you can find all of that in my website, which is wild, awaken calm. And actually also, when you go to my website right now, I’m really happy to offer a free, intuitive journal PDF that I call map your mother ground. This is just a simple guide to support you in starting to explore your own mother line and what healing and gifts are there for you. It’s just a few pages with some ideas for creating a special time and place to go inward. And how to open up to let your unconscious flow and really honor yourself in a deeper way, where you come from and where you want to be going as a mother with some journal prompts to open the way.

Allie  14:27

Wonderful. Well, I’ll link to that in our show notes along with information about your practice and your how to connect with you and interact with you on social media. Thank you so much for coming and spending so much time sharing your path through Metro lessons and in the mother line with us. Well, thank you Allie.

Liz  14:46

It’s it’s really been an honor to share. And I get so much inspiration from other women’s stories and it’s wonderful to be able to share an offer that back

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