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The future relies on the wellness of mothers. 

The Rewild Mothering podcast brings together a community of Earth-honoring mothers to tell the stories that mend and tend the web of mothering support. Join me, Dr. Allie Davis, a maternal mental health ecotherapist and a mother, as we alchemize science and the sacred: exploring modern research, ancient wisdom, and mindbodyspirit practices, that can channel the transformative power of matrescence, the developmental period of motherhood (Athan, 2015). We can reclaim matrescence as wild initiation, with Mother Nature as guide, to become the mothers we envision for ourselves, our families, and the planet. Learn more at www.rewildmothering.com/podcast


*Matrescence is a concept brought to our current understanding by Dr. Aurelie Athan of Teacher’s College Columbia. Find out more about her & her body of work at www.matrescence.com.

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Latest Episodes

Mothering as a Spiritual Awakening with Dr. Allie Davis

Matrescence,* the developmental period of motherhood, can be framed as holistic rite-of-passage into a new way of life and a new mothering identity that affects a mother in every realm of life… including the spiritual (Athan, 2005, 2013). This period holds transformative potential for a mother, and mothers’ stories and research exploring mother’s experiences shows mothers can experience (and often experience) significant spiritual development as a result of mother work.


“Mothering Against Motherhood” with Sophie Brock

Dr. Sophie Brock, Motherhood Studies Sociologist, explains how motherhood (institution) is different than mothering (experience). Starting from a place of WHY things are like they are for mothers, our discussion moves to HOW to advocate for a more liberatory experience of being a mother.


Matrescence as a Shift in a Mother’s Identity with Jessie Harrold

Jessie Harrold, doula and a coach for new mothers, discusses how matrescence, or the developmental period of motherhood, initiates a profound shift in a mother’s identity. Although there are many challenges associated with this period of rapid change, it can also be approaches as a time ripe with the potential of profound and positive self transformation.


Depathologizing Mothering Transitions with Dr. Richelle Whittaker

Dr. Richelle Whittaker shares from both her professional knowledge and personal experience about the natural developmental challenges of motherhood and how these are too often pathologized or made into disorders. She shares how viewing matrescecne, or the transition into motherhood, within a wellness perspective can help us support ourselves and others throughout the many liminal spaces on our mothering journeys.


Be a guest!

Bring your expertise, your lived experience, and your mindbodyspirit practices to connect with the Rewild Mothering podcast audience (ranked as high as #138 in the “USA: Kids & Family: Parenting” Apple Podcast category).

I’d love to have you on the podcast to talk about your mothering journey and work you do to support mothers. Scheduling now for late 2021 with a focus on the perinatal period. 

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