Women of Valor: A Nature-Centered Christian Mindset with Frances Walker


Frances Walker, a mindset coach, shares her approach to working with mothers to connect with the wisdom of the body’s natural guidance. We talk about her work where psychology meets Scripture and explore how she believes these two different approaches can peacefully co-exist and even support one another as we work towards life goals and personal development. 

Listen to our conversation where we discuss: 

  • her initiation into motherhood
  • her shift into mindset work for herself and her family
  • how the wisdom of our embodied emotions are natural guidance
  • how beliefs can drive change more than behaviors
  • reinterpreting the Proverbs 31 
  • her clock metaphor for creating internal and external change, and
  • a reframing of the Christian creation story

As a faith-based mindset coach, Frances Walker’s mission is to help busy moms increase peace and productivity in their homes, businesses, and communities. Unlike most mindset coaches, her practical, step-by-step, nature-based approach is easy to replicate on one’s own, even in the midst of chaos and challenges. She utilizes elements of neuroscience, metaphysics, and scripture to help clients break the bonds of procrastination, overwhelm, fear, and stress that hold them back in life, business, and motherhood.

As the founder of Women of Valor Community and lead mindset coach for The RecruiterU, Frances’ clients consistently reduce distressing emotions by 80% while increasing work productivity and efficiency without falling into the trap of toxic perfectionism. In addition to earning a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from The University of Alabama – Huntsville, Frances has received multiple certifications and has been recognized as an expert on mindset and business as the lead coach for The Powerful Living Experience, which Inc. Magazine named as “a top 3 must attend personal development event for entrepreneurs.”  Through her methodology, clients can create surprisingly quick mindset shifts with long-lasting results in a heart-centered way.

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Frances Walker, Allison Davis

Allison Davis  00:00

Hi and welcome back to rewild mothering. Today I’m talking with Francis Walker. Francis is a faith based mindset coach in the Christian tradition. It’s her mission to help busy moms increase peace and productivity in their homes, businesses and communities. Unlike most mindset coaches her practical step by step nature based approach is easy to replicate on one’s own even in the midst of chaos and challenge. She utilizes elements of neuroscience, metaphysics and scripture to help clients break the bonds of procrastination overwhelm fear and stress that hold them back in life, business and motherhood. Today on my conversation with Francis she shares a window into her faith based nature approach to shifting our mindsets and mothering. This includes addressing how she draws on scripture to interpret that our feelings are divine guidance, and they’re how we know we’re out of harmony with our natural ecosystems. I’d love to hear your thoughts about her reinterpretation of the Christian creation story on Instagram at rewild. mothering,

Allison Davis  01:18

the future relies on the wellness of mothers. Welcome to rewild mothering, a podcast about holistic maternal wellness for Earth honoring mothers to help us grow into the wild guides we envision for ourselves, our families, and our planet. Each week, we alchemize science in the sacred weaving together modern research, ancient wisdom and mind body spirit practices that will help us channel the transformative power of mature essence, the developmental period of motherhood. I’m your host, Dr. alley Davis, a maternal mental health eco therapist, and a mother walking this path with you. Thank you for being here. Let’s reclaim mothering, as a wild initiation with Mother Nature as our guide.

Allison Davis  02:23

Thank you for being here, Francis. And I wanted to kind of start off by just asking you to share your background and anything about your mothering journey that’s led you to do the work that you’re doing now.

Frances Walker  02:38

Fantastic. Thank you so much for having me. My journey as a mother really took it into context. It began when I was just a small child, I remember being six years old, and thinking I am more of a mother to my mother than she is to me. So to put it in a nutshell, I have a very memorized way of describing my childhood. Just for selective self disclosure. It was very traumatic. My mother had me young, I was the first child of four. And by the time I was 11, she married her fourth husband. So it really was a pattern of change, kind of lack of stability, trauma, abuses, cutting off disconnecting. And that’s what informed my when I became I had this desire to be an amazing mom. And that desire right around that same time, six years old, I had this very strong desire. If somebody asked me what I wanted to be, it was an amazing mom, and a math teacher. You can kind of sense what I was craving and lacking and and childhood I wanted to create for myself as an adult. And then motherhood actually happened. And that was not the story of what I was creating.

Allison Davis  03:55

so tell me a bit about that early metrocentre that transition into mother and how it shifted the ways you moved in the world. Because, you know, I know that you sharing that your mother line started really early is, is very conscious. And so I’m pretty sure you did a lot of conscious work after becoming a mother to

Frances Walker  04:17

Yes, that it was definitely it was through survival that this consciousness about motherhood developed in me and I’m so thankful that it did. But essentially, when I became a mom, I was had already hardwired into me that pattern of anger and stress and anxiety, resentment. It was already hardwired in pretty well. And so when I had my daughter, I was also very unsupported thankfully my my husband, he’s a lovely, lovely spirit of a man but even he had built such an independence like fierce independence and was rejected support just inherently because I built up well I didn’t have any childhood. I wasn’t conscious of this at the time, but that I can do it all mentality, I don’t need any help mentality. And so when I had my firt, my oldest, she’s 11. Now a little girl. And when she was born, she didn’t sleep one single night through the night for the first four and a half years of her life. And I was already at a state of disconnection with self disconnection with God disconnection with nature. I sat American diet, I was pretty much driving a struggle bus. towing a dumpster fire is what I kind of joke. Because I want I want any listener out there to know wherever they are in their journey, there’s so much hope. So that was my starting point in motherhood. And what happened was around four and a half years old, that’s when I had my second child, he’s a little boy, he’s six now. And about four months after having him, my body decided to manifest the junk that was in my head. So I just kind of crushed it was like chronic inflammation and pain. And I was already I had an identity of a yeller. Like I would yell when I was angry, a lot of yelling in my home. And it really just started manifesting for 18 months, doctors, I was at that person that doctors didn’t know what was going wrong, all the blood work was normal. And here I was month by month getting worse. And getting to the point where I couldn’t open and close my hands, I couldn’t lift my own arms, I couldn’t lift my own baby, I couldn’t dress myself many days, it was really a manifestation of being unsupported. And my body’s saying to me, like, hey, if you don’t support you, we’re going to shut the whole system down. It really was at that point that I think my faith as a Christian woman, which I didn’t come to until later in life. And there was just a sense of calling, there’s something that I’m called to, that I wasn’t connecting to yet. And so it was from that very low, low point that I found the work that I do now. And kind of healed my body healed my home healed my patterns, healed my past. And now I can abuse that with my kids. And I’m blessed to do that within the context of my business now with other women.

Allison Davis  07:30

So how did you relate to that message that came up from deep within you this happens so much in mature essence, where it’s like a spiritual awakening? So I’d love to hear more about that, you know, how did you make meaning out of this difficult developmental period for yourself?

Frances Walker  07:47

That’s such a great question and a great way to describe it. That’s exactly how I felt it was an awakening, kind of a stirring like a whisper. And while the world around me was telling me, okay, you’ve got this little girl that has all these struggles, she has these challenges, you need to take a tight rope, I started to realize I had disconnected from my instincts of motherhood. And I was taking really bad advice that I should discipline her with a firmer hand, and I should do this. And I should do that it was a lot of shutting, shutting, shutting, shutting, shutting, shutting on myself, on others, and allowing others to do that to me, to the point where when I reached out for doctors, their initial response was, well, here’s some Prozac or take some Advil. And there was this little whisper. So I really encourage women, the little whisper truth is calm, truth is peaceful. It’s the little whispers of wisdom that we reconnect to. And there was just this whisper of that’s not what you need. That’s not what you need. While I am a full proponent of traditional methods, and holistic methods, and using your own guidance to navigate that territory. I’m thankful I heard it. And it really was calling me to something called mindset. And I live in North Alabama in a city full of engineers. We live we’re space campus, Huntsville. And so we’re kind of in an area where very logical engineer minded thinking, and then on the other side of it, it’s very evangelical Christian thinking. And so the thought of connecting the nature connecting to the term like mindset, or metaphysics, or those while I had gotten a degree in psychology, the chair of my department didn’t even believe there was a subconscious mind, let alone connecting into nature. Like that’s super foreign. I’d never heard of grounding I’d never heard of, I’ve never heard of these things. I was so disconnected from the idea of we are part of nature. So it’s through that whisper It was the most random experiences where I found this mindset coach, and I took the coaching and I signed up for the coaching and I signed up for the programs. And then I got certified.

Frances Walker  10:11

And then I got hired to become a mindset coach. And through that transformation, it was such a simple neuroscience based methodology. And I started to see where the metaphysical and the psychological elements actually map really well to Scripture, they don’t contradict. And so I started applying it with my daughter, and myself and in my home. And through that, it’s just like one step at a time, one day at a time, one moment at a time, healing these wounds, with some very, very simple techniques that any mom can apply at any time. And that was the journey. And now our home is much more peaceful. And like I said, any listener out there can radically transform. But it starts with what you’re thinking about, and how you’re connecting to God’s self, others nature, and the people that you love.

Allison Davis  11:04

Yeah, so I just want to dig into that growth, and that awakening that grounded you in your inner wisdom, but also the wisdom of your ecosystem of nature. Can you say more about that?

Frances Walker  11:18

So when I got into the idea of mindset work, I was very blessed, because one of the first things that I learned was, we are nature, it like I said, it was very, the idea of it was very foreign to me. So just starting to build an identity first, which I believe identity is essentially consistent beliefs, plus consistent behaviors, they create your identity. But just like math, because remember, I got into everything math oriented stability, searching for stability. So when I started looking at the physics of nature, and how we really are part of nature, and how beliefs drive our results in life, how the subconscious beliefs and paradigms that we pick up in childhood, the beliefs about God, the beliefs about self, about others about things, the system in general, how they drive our conscious story, the images that we see, like sweep across our head, behind our eyes, then that drives your emotions, then that drives your actions or inactions. And then you always get these results that back up your original beliefs. So it creates like this hamster wheel that you get trapped in, over and over and over again. So it’s like connected into the fact that we are part of nature, one of the fundamental tenants of the way that I coach, and the methodology that I learned was that the only thing that is different that we do, that we don’t find in nature, is that we have the ability to believe something that’s untrue. And to hold on to that story of untrue. Here’s the trick. How do you know what’s true and what’s not true? Most people disconnect from that idea. So often, we lose our instincts of being able to sense what is true, and what is not true, within alignment with our calling what’s not in alignment with our calling, and actually move in the direction of truth and calling. And so as you kind of start to think about yourself as part of nature, reconnecting into that instinct, which is very, very dependent, I would say is a good word and a good kind of way dependent on connecting to your emotions and your emotional state. Once you learn that skill, which is so easy to cultivate, then you can really change your beliefs from childhood, change your conscious thoughts what you’re visioning, allow your emotions to change naturally. Not that we’re trying to talk her way out of them, but they change naturally. And then the way we do things changes. So then our results change. That belief result feedback loop that I explained if anyone listening wants to visualize this, like it rotates around a clock. So beliefs would be up at the top around 1212. Dial beliefs drive your thoughts. So thoughts would be around three, three o’clock mark. Then your thoughts drive your emotions, your emotions drive your actions or inactions, actions, drive your results, which always back up your beliefs. And now you’re here back up at the top of the circle. So what this looks like, is a say for instance, if we grew up with a paradigm a lot of moms struggle with just time time management, or the idea that their kids don’t listen to them. We don’t see that in nature. We don’t see anything in nature or trying to manage time, or anything in nature that believes it’s not heard that their offspring isn’t learning actively learning from them all the time. But for instance, A very common limiting, we call them limiting beliefs and mindset coaching is like, I don’t have enough time, I just don’t have enough time to get it all done, we’ve got these never ending to do list, we believe there’s not enough time. So at the belief about the system of time, then we might believe about ourself, we’re not good time managers, then we might believe about our kids, they don’t listen to me. So here we are, mom that loves her kids really wants to create a happy, healthy home environment, wakes up in the morning, stressed out this version of the day, going through your mind the little images here and there of your kids not listening to you. And now we’re going to be late. So we might have that story already consciously in the forefront of how our mornings going to go. We might feel angry, resentful, anxious, stressed, overwhelmed, whatever that might be. And then it leads us I led me to a lot of yelling, like I remember the mornings I’ve you got put your shoes on as much as you please. I told you 15 knots, please put your shoes on, like yelling across the house to get your shoes on. And then sure enough, we were always like, everywhere. So what most people focus on is the behaviors. We want a new chore chart, we want a new system, we want a new way of doing it. So we read stacks and stacks of books and how tos and 10 easy tips to get your kid to listen. Oftentimes times then it creates more results of it not working because here we are, we still have the same beliefs and they’re informing our entire life. And we want to get stuck in like how will How can I feel like I What can I do? How can I and the truth is about the brain is that when you give yourself permission to believe something different first, without worrying about the how now it’s like momentum, you’re swinging from the beliefs to new thoughts and images to new emotions, and the how changes. So then the results change. But we have to give ourselves permission to make a new decision first. And then the brain really does change. We perceive our morning differently. We perceive our life differently, we perceive our children differently. And then everything responds differently because our emotions are really that instinct. They’re that vibrational connection to nature to others, and they’re really reliable.

Allison Davis  17:39

Hi, Sally, I wanted to pause the episode for a moment that tell you about my free mother mind meditation route into who you are and who you’re becoming by reconnecting with your own true nature, downloaded at rewild mothering.com. Slash mother mind. That’s it for now, let’s get back to

Allison Davis  17:58

our conversation. Part of that over civilization and also part of our indoctrination or socialization of children, oftentimes as mothers is that stopping the feeling or resisting the feeling, you know, invalidating and validating the feeling like stop crying, right. But we do that to ourselves because we have other priorities maybe but I wanted to talk to you about your thoughts about the sensations as our truth as our instinct, and how that plays into this.

Frances Walker  18:38

This is a huge linchpin in the system, when moms connect into that their emotions are trust, where they that they are designed by an infinitely intelligent Creator of the universe. And when I say that, I really recognize as a Christian woman that loves Jesus. All truth is truth, all ancient wisdoms, they do map because truth is truth and your emotions know it. Your emotions are what are connected to the system itself, the system of nature. So for instance, we’ve all had that experience where you walk into a room, and you’ve never met the person standing, you know, on the other side of the room, they haven’t even looked at you. You don’t you haven’t talked to them, but you can feel their energy. Either. It feels off our It feels like really light and wonderful. Have you ever had that happen to you? Oh, yeah.


Yeah. Or like really heavy in a good way?


Exactly. Yes.

Frances Walker  19:40

And so, when we are disconnected from the system of nature, we don’t even get taught that about our emotions. We get taught, like you said, invalidate them, to push them under a rug to view them as fickle or untrustworthy. When in reality, there is accurate as a company is in your hand. Okay? So a compass points north or south. So if you start thinking about your emotions as this emotional guidance system that points, truth or untruth, essentially, it’s kind of like, I’m sure every listener has burnt their hand when they’re trying to cook. We’ve all had that experience, we would never try to cook. Here we are as women who love their families love themselves, let love cooking, we would never put our hand on a frying pan and feel that physical sensation, it’s the nervous system response of pain and say, What’s wrong with me? Why is my hand hurting, we wouldn’t do that and disregard it, think that that sensation is untrustworthy. And just leave our hand on the frying pan. While we’re trying to cook. It wouldn’t make sense. Your emotions have that same trustworthiness, the pain of getting burnt is not the problem. It’s the infinite wisdom built into your body, your neural network does say, hey, there’s something going on out there that’s harmful to you, if at all possible, you should stop. And it gets so hardwired in 990 9.9% of the time, the blessing is when we burn our hand, we naturally instinctively jerk back to stop that pain. But here’s the thing, when we don’t know that about our emotions, and we’re believing something that’s untrue, your emotions are doing the same thing. They’re a language, they are speaking to you to say, Hey, hey, you’re believing something that’s not quite true. There’s some untruth in there, where there’s something unseen in there. If at all possible, you can explore that. And you can change that belief. And when you look at your emotions, from that perspective, we’re, it’s like math, two plus two equals four. So when I’m believing something, and I start to recognize what frustration feels like, in my body, like frustration with my kid, ever, not them, me believing they don’t listen to me, or I don’t have enough time, and we pause judgment of them of ourself. The system itself, we suspend judgment, and we enter into curiosity. Now, we don’t have to invalidate our feelings, or, you know, the people in our home that we love. We can pause and we can say, Okay, okay, subconscious mind, I feel the frustration. What might I be believing that’s untrue. Okay. And without worrying about the how we rely on the opposite the law of polarity, we see the law of polarity everywhere in nature, a pass down, left has right, dark has light, even the compass North has. So our emotions have that same intelligence, they’re connected to truth. They’re connected to untruth. So when you look at them like that, you can say, okay, it doesn’t feel good to believe that about my child or about myself, what’s the opposite? My child does Listen to me. She’s an amazing child, I have more than enough time to do the things I’m called to do today, or in this moment. So here I am, I’ve given myself permission to make a new decision, we’re not going to worry about the how we’re going to stack evidence, and we’re going to focus on it. So it’s not affirmation world. But it’s what is actually true, what is actually true, what is actually true. And we stack evidence for it. So here I am in the morning, and I’ve got these new beliefs that I’ve given myself permission to make. Okay, there’s more than enough time to do the things that I am called to do this morning. What am I called to do? I’m called to get to this appointment on time and to train my child on how to put her shoes on. Okay, that’s just a simple example. But there’s more than enough time to do it. And my child’s excellent at listening. Now we paint this new image of what that morning would look like. we consciously focus on that image, and it comes up naturally. Now, our emotions, what’s the opposite of that? Like, even just walking through this, I feel less stress in my body? I feel right. It’s calmer in your body, because your body’s talking to you. Yes, your child is designed to listen well. Your child is designed to learn well. And then what do we do we calmly Hey, sweetie, let me help you put your shoes on. The whole system calms down. And so now instead of 15 minutes of mental energy, stressing about being late and judging yourself and your child, you connect with them, you go do the thing together, you model that calmness and thing, bang, bang, we’ve got the result of man, we’re getting out of a door so much more efficiently, and then do that calming down of the whole system and connecting to your children and your loved ones in your home, you now have the mental energy to get proactive, and do the creative things like, Oh, I’m also going to put a bucket here next to the door for the shoes. And I’m also going to do this, it’s a different way of being an experiencing motherhood.

Allison Davis  25:36

Yeah, it just brings to mind that our job really as nature is to harmonize ourselves with our ecosystems. And we have so much more help and support in that when we actually are in a natural environment versus in these built environments where we forget, you know that there are so many examples and metaphors to draw on in the natural world, and teachers and, and even community. So I want to see if you have thoughts about that.

Frances Walker  26:05

I completely agree with that. And it is a fun journey to enter into. When moms reconnect themselves with nature and instinct, and that their emotions are reliable. It’s the infinite intelligence of this system. Communicating with you, you get to explain all this stuff to your kids now and connect on a higher and deeper level. And the best way to do that is to take the mindset work that we do, and relate it to nature, because kids always get examples from nature, high level mindset stuff that people really dig into and take quite a while to retrain their brains line, I found you can draw an example from the zoo or from the forest or from the ocean, and kids will get it in a matter of seconds or minutes. They are connected to nature, we just kind of train that out of them because of our own limiting beliefs about self others in the system. Yeah.

Allison Davis  27:08

I wanted to also ask you a question about integration of this perspective with your Christian faith, because many interpretations of Christianity put the divine up high separated from our bodies, or, you know, the natural world. So how do you integrate that? And how do you address those perspectives that aren’t really supportive of seeing ourselves as nature?

Frances Walker  27:32

That is such a beautiful question. And it really goes back to this story of Genesis. And while I am truly, truly blessed to live in an area of the world, where, for the most part, Christians are not judgmental of others, there is a consistent pattern of judging of self. And it really does go back to the idea that 99% of us and I this is through my own experience, just asking clients, I always ask permission before talking about traditional Christian faith with my clients. But 99% of the time, the client, and I can attest to this just with my friends and going to church services and things we get taught Christianity through the lens of the limiting beliefs of our pastors. And so most often, the story of Genesis gets taught this way, God created a perfect world. And then he put people in it, and then they did something wrong. And that created pain in childbirth. And there’s a consequence of they were cast out, they were judged and cast out. And then God had to come up with this plan, be with Jesus, to fix things. And that is not what the Christian Bible says. So when you go back to the original language, at that time, when the story of Genesis was written, there was a word for the Word Perfect, the concept of perfect, and it was never used. The story goes, that God created a good world. And he said it over and over, he created this and it was good. He created that and it was good. He created it with universal principles, like the law of cause and effect, the law of polarity. There are universal laws built into the system, the option of free will was built into the system. And he put people in it as part of the system of nature. And so what happened the story of Genesis where we get told Eve screwed it all up, was really what happened. She started to believe something that wasn’t true. And you go back to the language God had given them jobs to do. He gave them roles. He gave them connection to himself and others. And in an instant, he also gave them abundance. He didn’t give them everything. No limitless access. And that’s where some mindset coaching, it kind of goes into the realm of limitless. We’re limitless. And I don’t quite believe that, I believe that actually harms us in the idea of abundance. We are given abundance in nature. And we have the responsibility of conscious consumption of that abundance. And so, Eve, as she entered into lac, she started looking at nature, the nature around her, and she started rationalizing and justifying and she took an action in freewill. That was an overconsumption pattern. Essentially, she did it from believing untruth, and it created shame in her, and then God came down and was like, Hey, what’s going on? He suspended judgment. And if you go, and look, he suspended judgment, and was curious, Hey, where are y’all? Which I’ll do it. And when they answered and the story progressed, he essentially explained the law of cause and effect. It wasn’t a judgment and a casting out and a separation, it was an explanation of the law of cause and effect. Okay, well, now that you’ve done this, there’s the equal and opposite reaction. And then he began the work of reconciliation. Through that reconciliation. He also explained that, well, now childbirth is there’s going to be an increase in the pain there, even childbirth. And we get completely disconnected from that. Now, in civilization, the fact that something can’t be increased, if it didn’t already exist, there was already pain and childbirth existing. But you probably know far better than I do that in the actual physical act of childbirth, if you’re in your head, believing that you can’t do it, believing that it hurts, like focused on the pain, believing whatever it is about the doctors or what’s going on in your body, that increases the physical manifestation of pain is just what it is. And it’s through that retraining and connecting back into truth of what a woman’s body is designed to do in childbirth. That is one of the crucial elements of lowering that pain in the physical act of childbirth, and where some women can have the hypnotic peaceful childbirth experience or the excruciating, screaming and terror experience.

Frances Walker  32:35

That’s so interesting. I haven’t heard that before. And I’ve studied women’s spirituality and their Christian and other lenses for a long time. So thank you for sharing that gives me a lot another as I hope, a lot to think about. I wanted to ask you specifically about your work with women of valor. And that’s how we connected and I saw that you’re working through this nature therapeutic lens, and I just want to share what you’re up to.

Frances Walker  33:03

Oh, thank you. Yes, women of valor community. And it is a community that we are cultivating. And it goes back into the idea of we’re very isolated, the way that we do motherhood right now is very isolating. And that’s even before COVID hips. And so bringing that community element back, it’s about developing a mindset aligning yourself to your calling, your giftedness, your instincts and moving in that direction, and staying very connected to God and nature and self and others through that. And I think every woman out there is a woman of valor. We’re all working hard. We all love our kids and our families, and we all want to do well by them. Sometimes we just don’t believe true things about ourselves, others in the system, and we can change that.

Allison Davis  34:00

Thank you for listening. The reweld mothering podcast brings together a community of Earth honoring mothers to tell the stories that mendon 10, the web of mothering support. I’d love to hear your reactions to today’s episode. Let’s connect on Instagram at rewild mothering and be sure to subscribe where you listen to get next week’s episode as soon as it’s live. Until next time, may we remember our place as a part of the natural world. May we reclaim mothering as a revolutionary act, and may we rewild the ways of caring for our human family and our living planet.

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